(Please note: NY Wildlife Rescue is located in Schoharie County in upstate New York, and only can take in wildlife from our county and immediate surrounding areas. If you are in a more distant location in New York, please visit the DEC’s website–a link can be found at the bottom of our website–to find a wildlife rehabilitator near you.)

Rules for Bringing Us Wildlife

Please keep yourself, our rehabbers, and the animals safe by adhering to these safety protocols. They will be strictly enforced.

First and foremost: make sure the animal actually is in need of rescue. Read This Post to help you decide.

1. TEXT ahead. Facebook Messenger (Wesley D. Laraway) or text 518-256-5911.
We will advise on whether the animal needs help or not. We will give you directions and instructions for care.

2. DO NOT HANDLE the animal without our strict instructions. If handling is absolutely necessary, keep it to a minimum, and use protective gloves or other safety equipment. Avoid human contamination as much as possible.

3. UPON ARRIVAL. Please stay in vehicle. A volunteer will come to your vehicle to transfer the animal to our container. If we do not see you pull in please text above. Have patience; it may take several minutes before someone can help you, because we are caring for animals and need to prepare to receive your rescue safely.

4. INTAKE INFO. Please TEXT or MESSAGE your name, address, phone and location found for our State and Federal log books.

5. DONATIONS. Your donation goes with the animal to whichever volunteer takes the animal. We are all licensed and receive no County, State or Federal funding to care for the animal. So the volunteer who cares for the animal you bring is paying to care for that animal out of pocket. PLEASE consider that donation. If you use PayPal or send a check at a later date, PLEASE give the date you brought it to us and the animal species on the donation.

6. UPDATES. We give updates on our website — http://www.nywildliferescue.org — or, if you TEXT, Wes will provide you with updates.