Rescue Never Ends

Although "baby season" is mostly over (though it seems like the animals are having babies very late in the season this year), rescue never ends. Just as an example, see this post and photos from yesterday.


Rescue is a Year-round Effort

New animals are coming in every day, and we still have many long-term residents here which cannot be released, and are kept on special educational permits. Their care is never-ending (and often expensive), but we are also grateful that they're here, because they help us to teach people how important it is to be a friend of wildlife and the environment, and how to live with our wild neighbors safely and respectfully.

Happenings at NYWRC, Week of July 2nd – 8th

Although "baby season" has slowed down a bit, we're still busy around the clock at NY Wildlife Rescue. The cottontails are still breeding, as well as a few of our other more prolific species. Older babies are venturing out and getting into trouble. Adults and old-timers run into difficulties and wind up in our care. Then there are the turtles -- we are seeing more turtles this year than ever before. Please, drivers, give turtles a brake! They can't scurry out of your way like a squirrel, after all.


Some of Last Week’s Patients, June 27th, 2017

Over the last couple of days, we've had a busy time at NY Wildlife Rescue. Here are a few of the newcomers. Plus, some facts about weasels.


June 19th Patients: More Little Stinkers

We now have a "baker's dozen" of baby skunks in rehab here at NY Wildlife Rescue. These seven were brought in on the 19th of June, after their mother was killed by a car. They join the group already being raised for release.


June 18th Patient: American Kestrel baby

This very young American Kestrel came to us for help, thanks to an observant friend of NYWRC, on Father's Day. Kestrels are our smallest North American falcon. They are fairly common in our area, in part thanks to a nest box placement program that New York Wildlife Rescue is part of. American Kestrels nest at … Continue reading June 18th Patient: American Kestrel baby


13 June Patients: Two Cat Victims

Two of our June 13ths rescues were a baby Cottontail and a baby Chickadee. Both appear to have been caught by cats. We will fight for them, and do our best to heal them, so they can return to the lives they were meant to live.


June 11th Patient: A Baby Woodchuck

The Woodchuck (also know as Groundhog or less commonly the Whistlepig) is a member of a group of ground squirrels otherwise known as marmots. Although it is not the only species of marmot in North America, it is the most widely distributed, and can be found throughout the north-eastern US and eastern Canada.


June 10th Patient of the Day: Painted Turtle

This Painted Turtle was found, as many are, injured in the road, and brought for treatment to NYWRC. It's very common in our area to find turtles trying to get from one side of the road to the other, as they follow their territorial water and feeding sources. If you see one, please try hard to avoid it; they're peaceful souls and deserve a break (and a brake).


June 9th, a Crazy-Busy Rescue Day

Friday the 9th of June was a day of non-stop rescue. Wes posted on Facebook about the animals that came in (and went out, as two successful releases).