New York Wildlife Rescue Center, Inc, would like to extend our heart-felt gratitude to the following kind supporters! Without your generosity, we couldn’t serve the cause of animal rescue anywhere near as well as we do!

Our 2022 Donors

FRIENDS*******************2022 Donors (Gifts under $100).

John and Marion Boutet

Helen Leja Jewerly

IBM Employee Services

Amazon Smile Donations

Iron Horse Tattoo Studio

Facebook, Network for Good

Schoharie ARC Redemption Center

Righi’s Redemption Center

GE United Way Giving Fund

Bethany Yarrow

Peter Himmes

Dave Hamm

IBM Employee Grant Program

Heather Howe

Janice Bever

Kelly Shultes

Harvey and Janet Duty (In Memory of Judy Berard)

Cathy Morzillo and Children (In Memory of Judy Berard)

Katherine and Hermann Ortgies (In Memory of Judy Berard)

BRONZE********************2022 Donors (Gifts $100- to $250-).

FB, Network for Good

Righi’s Redemption Center

Amazon Smile Donations

Helen Leja Jewerly

John and Marion Boutet

Richard and Ann Marie Frank (In Memory of Judy Berard)

Frank Fuller (In Memory of Judy Berard)

Daniel and Krimhild Berard (In Memory of Judy Berard)

Bonnie Warren (In Memory of Judy Berard)

Sylvia Taylor (In Memory of Judy Berard)

Robert Montanye (In Memory of Judy Berard)

American Legion, Fred Stilson Post 57. (In Memory of Judy Berard)

Chahere Veterinary Clinic (In Memory of Judy Berard)

Mary Leming (In Memory of Betty Lowe).

Harriet and Daniel Berard, Denise Fissell. (In Memory of Judy Berard)

SILVER**********************2022 Donors (Gifts $251- to $599-).

FB, Network for Good

A Friend of Wildlife in Middleburgh

Righi’s Redemption Center

GOLD************************2021 Donors (Gifts $600- to $999).

FB, Network for Good

PLATINUM SPONSORS****************2021 Donors (Gifts  OVER $1000).

Michael Davies, Dave Davies, Davies Custom Painting

Hendrickson Contracting

A Friend of Wildlife in Albany

Network for Good, Facebook Donations

Carver Sand and Gravel, Carver and Jan Laraway