Events for 2022

Due to COVID-19, events are subject to change or cancellation.

Please see this post for more information.

Wes Laraway (W.) and Kelly Martin (K)
Licensed New York/Federal Wildlife Educators
Wildlife Wagon is our Trailer with Birds of Prey
(Some events listed are community events, though our appearance is not always guaranteed. If (W.) and or (K) are listed, we’ll be there.)

Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk)

2022 Events Schedule

April 23-  *Middleburgh Canoe Races.
               (No Birds this year, Wes will be in Spain).
April 30-  *SUNY Cobleskill Wildlife Festival. (10-3 pm). (W/K).
               Village of Cobleskill Park, Display.
May 28/29- *East Durham Irish Festival. (W).
               Wildlife Wagon, (11-4 Daily).
June 4-    *Richmondville Days.(W).
               Front Lawn of the School.(11-4).
June 25-   *Nickersons Campground. (W). Gilboa.
               Wildlife Wagon, (11-4).
July 10-   *Middleburgh Winery, (W).  Wildlife Wagon.
July 23-????   *Middleburgh Arts and Crafts Festival.
Aug. 6-    *Middleburgh Winery. (W). (11-3?). Wildlife Wagon.
Sept. 3/4-???? *Iroquois Festival, Iroquois Museum, Howes Cave. (K).
Sept. 3-   *Capital District Scottish Festival and Games.
               Altamont Fairgrounds, Shows/Display. (W).
Sept. 10-  *Nickersons Campground. (W). Gilboa.
                Wildlife Wagon. Display. (11-4).
Sept. 17-  *Wildlife Festival, NYS Power Authority Visitors Center. (W).
               Blenheim, (10-4). Wildlife Wagon.
Oct. 8/9-  *Windham Autumn Affair, Wildlife Wagon.
                Village of Windham. (11-4), (W).
Oct. 16-????   *Farmers Market and Craft Fair, Greenville Drive In, 10 to 3. (W).
Dec. 9-    *Miracle on Main Street Middleburgh. Owl Display.
                Iron Horse Tattoo Shop. (5-830) (W).