Events for 2019

Wes Laraway [W] and Kelly Martin [K]
Licensed New York/Federal Wildlife Educators
Wildlife Wagon is our Trailer with Birds of Prey

Upcoming Events


  • Feb 9         *Cooperstown Winter Carnival,
    Lakefront Park, Wildlife Wagon, (1-3 pm)(W).
  • April 20/21 *Middleburgh Canoe Races (W).
  • April 26      *Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library,
    SHOW, (1030 am)(W).
  • April 27      *SUNY Cobleskill Wildlife Festival,
    Cobleskill Village Park, Display,(10-3 pm)(W/K).
  • May 18       *The Raptor Fest,
    Washington County Fairgrounds (K).
  • May 18       *Bird and Raptor Fest.
    at Schodack Island State Park,(11-3)(W).
  • May 18       *Spring Bird Festival,
    Minekill State Park, (11-3)(W).
  • May 25/26  *East Durham Irish Festival.
    Wildlife Wagon, (11-4 Daily)(W).
  • June 2        *Richmondville Days,
    Wildlife Wagon, Front Lawn of the School,(11-4)(W).
  • June 3        *Green Chinmneys Birds of Prey Day,
    Brewster NY, Wildlife Wagon,(10-3)(W/K).
  • June 8/9     *Pow Wow and the Mtn. Men
    at NYPA Visitors Center, Blenheim, (10-3 Daily)(W).
  • July 14       *Jefferson Heritage Day.
    Wildlife Wagon (11-3)(W).
  • July 20       *Summer Festival.
    Mine Kill State Park, North Blenheim, 11 to 3.
  • July 20       *Middleburgh Arts and Crafts Festival.(W).
  • Aug 31/Sept.1* Capital District Scottish Festival and Games,
    Altamont Fairground, Shows/Display, (W).
  • Aug 31/Sept 1* Iroquois Festival,
    Iroquois Museum, Howe Cave, NY, (K).
  • Sept 14       *Irish Music and Arts Festival,
    Saratoga County Fairgrounds, (11-4 pm)(W).
  • Sept 21       *Wildlife Festival,
    NYS Power Authority Visitors Center,Blenheim, (10-4)(W).
  • Oct 5/6       *Fall Festival,
    illage of Windham, Wildlife Wagon,  (11-4 Daily)(W).
  • Nov 1-3      *Become a Wildlife Rehabilitator!
    New York State Rehabilitation Conference
    Enroll and Go! — www.NYSWRC.org (W/K).
  • Dec 6         *Miracle on Main Street. Live Owl Display.
    Ironhorse Tattoo Studio, (W).