New York Wildlife Rescue Center, Inc, would like to extend our heart-felt gratitude to the following kind supporters! Without your generosity, we couldn’t serve the cause of animal rescue anywhere near as well as we do!

Our 2017 Donors

FRIENDS******2017 Donors (gifts under $100)

John and Marion Boutet
Susan Sterge
Helen Leja Jewerly
Betty Kipp
IBM Employee Services
Joan Puritz, DVM, Oneonta Vet Clinic
Iron Horse Tattoo
Margaret (Peg) Buckley
Laura Livingston
John DeVre
Middleburgh Elementary School Students
Mountain Eagle
Lisa Martin
Marie and Tom Cronin
Paul Gillespie
Trisha Miller
Michael Scofield
Monica Cej
Madeline and Rich Anderson
Rebecca Platel
Gwen Willows
Hilda VanVoris
Shirley and Keith Schue
Michele and Bruce Stacey
Patricia Packer


BRONZE SPONSORS******2017 Donors (Gifts $100 to $250)

Joan Puritz, DVM, Oneonta Vet Clinic
Susan Sterge
Susan LeGere
IBM Employee Services
Mary Leming – In Honor of Betty Lowe
*In Memory of Anna Dewdney, Llama, Llama, Author
Betty Kipp
Stephanie Parker
Martha Frank
Christian Community Church of Faith, Richmondville
Lisa Martin
GE United Way Giving Campaign
Paul Gillespie
Cobleskill College Wildlife Society
Middleburgh Central School, Class of 2017
Middleburgh Elementary School PTO
Price Chopper/Market 32
Thomas Garner, Attorney at Law
Kristen Volsky, John Gould
John Boutet
Rebecca Quinn
Fields of Grace
Margaret Buckley
Carolyn D’Auria
Brian Dewald
Margaret Bliss
Cowboy Chase (In Memory of Aunt Kaki)
Mark LeGere
Laura Sodders (In Memory of her Dad, Corkey Christman)


SILVER SPONSORS*******2017 Donors (Gifts $251 to $599)

Dennis and Norma Coney
IBM Employee Services
Betty Kipp
Cindy and Chris Carr
Tim Trafton, Trafton and Sons Refrigeration
Steve Hendrickson, Hendrickson Contracting
Tim Pangman, In loving memory of his wife, Helenita Saul Pangman
Paul Gillespie
Minekill State Park, Blenhiem
Schodack Island State Park
Barry Davidson, Davidson Falconry
Richmondville Fire Dept./Richmondville Days
Green Chimneys, Paul Kupchok
Susan London
Columbia County Soil and Water Department
GE United Way Giving Campaign
Town of Summit
Town of Jefferson
Helen Leja Jewelry
Irish 2000 Festival


GOLD SPONSORS******2017 Donors (Gifts $600 to $999)

East Durham Irish Festival
Joan Puritz, DVM. Oneonta Vet Clinic
Betty Kipp
Susan Sterge


PLATINUM SPONSORS******2017 Donors (Gifts over $1000)

Shawn and Kim Smith, Middleburgh Chiropractic
NYPA Visitors Center, North Blenhiem
Betty Kipp
Joan Puritz, DVM. Oneonta Vet Clinic
Minekill State Park
Schodack Island State Park
Anonymous Donation on an Amazing Level
Capital District Scottish Games and Festival
Carvers Sand and Gravel
Blackthorne Resort
Windham Chamber of Commerce
Susan Sterge
Terry Wilber (In Memory of Trooper and Roxy)