New York Wildlife Rescue Center, Inc, would like to extend our heart-felt gratitude to the following kind supporters! Without your generosity, we couldn’t serve the cause of animal rescue anywhere near as well as we do!

Our 2019 Donors

******2019 Donors (gifts under $100)

John and Marion Boutet

Helen Leja Jewelry

IBM Employee Services

Amazon Smile Donations

Iron Horse Tattoo Studio

Mountain Eagle Newspaper

Network for Good

SUNY COBY Wildlife Society

Janice Thefft

Troop 2039 Girl Scouts-Duanesburg

Troop 2408 Girl Scouts-Rotterdam

Michele Haverly

Bernard and Jutta VonSchwerin

Your Cause Donation

Dusty Bottom Riders 4-H Club

Schoharie ARC Redemption Center

Connie Standhart

Jenn Bixby

Katie Marsh

Carrie Shaul

Cynthia West

Gayle Nastasi

Paige Bulmer

Crystal Leek

Amy Gannon Reinhart

Joanna Dychton

Martha Green

Lori McHarg Clark

Theresa Kennedy

Jessi Tubbs-Zeh

Laura Clark

Douglas Myer

Susan Wargo

Jennifer Rehberg

Elizabeth Watt-Stewart

Cam Berdan

Kip Pangman

Richard Wagoner

Victoria Kodak

John Walsh

Heather Klehn

Christine Best Buchanan

Rita Johansen

Kay-Jean Harrison Hardin

Kate Batchelder

Gayle S. Marks

John Paquet

Jeanne Brown Rozumalski

Betsy Meredith

Ashley King

Loretto Taylor

Liz Bechtel

Tracy and Mark Baldwin

Renee Tinker Young

Shelley Martin

Veronica Tyrrell Lindsey

Joe Caruso

Aaron Klehn

Robert Schmeer

Katie Pangman Ventura

Linda Wilsey Rivenburgh

Victor Hirsch

Becky Saddlemire

Robert Rooney., Jr.

Anna Moczulski

Michelle Haverly

Bernard and Jutta Vonschwerin

Ed and Jackie Guntert

St. Thomas The Apostle School, Evan Garlock

Keith and Shirley Schue

Kristen Artz Rendler

Wendy Wilson

Richard Elrauch

Betty Branwell

Russell and Mary Lou Ryan

Carolyn and Chuck Melszer

Janice Bever

Zach Wood

Nick Schweppe

Lisa Martin

Janice Tefft

Patricia Phillips

Janice Defonda

Elise Northrop

Ellen Gagliano

Scott Seymor

Barb Wilson

Christine Donati

Paula Gagnon Houwen

Janice DeFonda

Amy Charles

Deirdre Price

Kristen Rendler

Lynn Zeronda

Susan Young

Lauren Clemente

America’s Best Charities

Ben and Tanya Burch

F. Jane Berger

Scottie and Jeffrey Twine

Brad Sherwood

Peter and Jo Anne Mecca

Patricia and Vincent Giordano

Mark Phillips

Grant Cover


******2019 Donors (Gifts $100 to $250)

IBM Employee Services

GE United Way Giving Fund

John and Marion Boutet

Helen Leja Jewelry

Sue London

Marianne Leblanc

Betty Lowe

Lisa Tenneson, 4 Star Realty

Glen Eddy Senior Living in Niskayuna

Coburg Village, Rexford

Trinity Health

Troop 2121 Girl Scouts Delanson

Prin Vines

Keith Lloyd

Kathleen McMullan

Bruce Ananta Hilliger

Rhonda Leavitt

Scott Crewell

John Auletta

Colleen Lowry

SUNY COBY Wildlife Society

Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library

Middleburgh Winery, Tonda and Donald Dunbar

Hope Glidden

Erin Pashley

Aaron’s Electric

Early Woodland Village Senior Apartments

Robert and Judith Griffith

Matt Van Voorhis and Donnie

Marie Cronin

Nancy Brumaghin, Giving Back Books

Brian Dewald

Bonnie Bradbury

Bank of Coxsackie

Amazon Smile Donations

Keith and Shirley Schue

Bob and Judith Griffith

Michael Scofield

Paul Mutimear

Sylvia Van Houten

Kristen Wyckoff

David Hamm


*******2019 Donors (Gifts $251 to $599)

Minekill State Park

Cooperstown Winter Carnival

Schenectady Public Library

Schodack Island State Park

Jefferson Days Committee

Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library

Lisa Tenneson, 4 Star Realty

Love Apple Farm-Diane LaConte

Greater Roxbury Business Association

Adirondack AVG., INC.

Friends of Schenectady County Public Library

Judy and Jerry Berard

Amazon Smile Donation

Richmondville Days Committee

Town of Summit

Helen Leja Jewelry

Irish 2000 Music and Arts Festival

GE United way Giving Fund

Angela Lanuto


******2019 Donors (Gifts $600 to $999)

East Durham Irish Festival


******2019 Donors (Gifts over $1000)

Capital District Scottish Games and Festival

Carver’s Sand and Gravel

Hendrickson Contracting

NYS Power Authority, Visitors Center, Blenheim

Michael Davies, Dave Davies; Davies Custom Painting


Schenectady Pipe Band

Heather Ridge Farm, Bee’s Knees Cafe

Windham Chamber of Commerce

Facebook, Network for Good

Susan Sterge