13 June Patients: Two Cat Victims

Two of our June 13ths rescues were a baby Cottontail and a baby Chickadee. Both appear to have been caught by cats. We will fight for them, and do our best to heal them, so they can return to the lives they were meant to live.

We love all animals at NYWRC, including our cats. However, we see a lot of cat-inflicted injuries on wildlife every season, often caused by cats whose owners allow them to run free unsupervised.

Cat bites are not only a common cause of injury, but a common cause of death in little animals. Once bitten by a cat, it can be difficult to keep a small creature alive. Cat-inflicted punctures have a tendency to close over, so that we cannot even find the original injury. The bacteria in a cat’s mouth, injected into the wound by the bite, are often deadly. The sad truth is that many cat-bite victims don’t survive. We’re going to do our very best to save these two babies.

If you truly love animals, friends and neighbors, and want to do something to help local wildlife without it costing you a dime of time or money — keep your kitties inside during baby season.


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