Rescue Never Ends

Although “baby season” is mostly over (though it seems like the animals are having babies very late in the season this year), rescue never ends. Just as an example, see this post and photos from yesterday.

Our own Kelly Martin posted:

Patients today: 1 red tailed hawk hit by car and euthanized, 1 mallard duck with spinal trauma and giving her more time, 1 kestrel hit by a car and also getting more time, 2 nestling gray squirrels that needed amputations due to loss of circulation from tails being twisted and knotted together, and finally another red tailed hawk with wing fracture caused by a gunshot injury and he will be treated by Dr. Puritz. We are ever so grateful for her help.

Although all situations were urgent, the fact that someone shot a Red-tailed Hawk was extremely disturbing. The shooter turned out to be a child, whose parents will now have to pay, legally, for this young person’s actions. We are hoping, thanks to the skill of Dr. Puritz, that the hawk will eventually recover and be releasable. It is going to be a very long, and painful, healing process for this bird.

Those of us with children owe it to them, and to all life, to teach them respect and compassion.

Click the thumbnail to see a larger image, and then the X at the corner of the gallery to return to this page.

All situations that come to us take time, effort, love, and funding to resolve. You can help these animals reach the point where they can return to their natural lives with your contributions.

Please feel free to click the Donate button on this page. No gift is too small, and all are deeply appreciated.





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