7-May Porcupine News

From Kelly’s Facebook Post:

Traded porcupines today. Sent the pregnant one back to Cornell for further assessment. The fur on her backside was not coming in, she ate well but did not seem to gain weight, and most concerning was that she would not climb. She was the one I picked up that did have some injuries but no mange. The one in this photo (would not give me a face photo) was one I picked up that did have severe mange. She needs to grow some fur back in and then can be released. Thank you Cornell for treating these guys, to Cheryl Rigas for interim care, and to Claudi Neff for transporting.

Cornell’s Wildlife Center has been a godsend to wildlife rehabilitators all over the state. They are always there to help, and do so with kindness and generosity. Visit their website to learn more about them.

This porcupine had very bad mange but is clear now and her fur is starting to come back in. She’ll be just fine.



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