Patient Update: Baby Porcupine

From our rehabber, Kelly Martin:

The tiny porcupette is eating well.

However, it has some issues with its legs and will be headed to Cornell’s Wildlife Health Clinic [on April 13th]. Not sure there will be any repairs to help but will Hope for the best.

I would like to add that I often do not wear gloves with baby porcupines. It is easier to feel where to hold without getting a glove full of quills.

Also, I have been seeing many porcupines dead on roadsides. Please be an alert driver to avoid hitting them. Yes they are dark, more active at night, so hard to see at times. But they don’t dart out in front of cars. When I asked a porcupine expert about frequency of seeing them in spring foraging along roads, I was told it is most often a pregnant or lactating female increasing her salt intake. Therefore the ones killed may already have a little one hiding and waiting for mom or it may be a female about to deliver. A morbid take on ‘killing 2 birds with one stone’ …. Or taking the life of 2 porcupines if you kill a mother.


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