A Message From Wes About Rescue Season

Our director, Wes Laraway, posted the following on Facebook. While it’s geared towards our local community, it holds truths that all wildlife rehabilitators can certainly relate to.

Listen Folks.

I am being real serious here.

When you find some wild animal baby, Don’t post it on Facebook. Go on our website. Under the resources section [Editor’s note: at the bottom of the website]. Find a NY Rehabber. www.nywildliferescue.org

TEXT ME at 518 256-5911. Facebook messenger Wesley D. Laraway. Save the number.

I won’t answer a phone call, I am working on animals. My phone will ring off hook for next 3 months. Be patient, we are volunteers and don’t get paid to help you or the animals. Your emergency may be our 20th emergency call in a day. I can not meet you because you don’t want to drive an hour. I am taking care of animals and I have to be at NY WILDLIFE RESCUE CENTER to do that. I hate talking on phone. Just text me.

Half of my animal calls don’t need intervention, just good advice. I will ask for a photo. I will give you good advice. I know when we need to do an intervention. My network of licensed, well-trained rehabbers can help you. The donation follows the animal. [Editor’s note: we are grateful for a donation for any animal that comes in. If that animal goes to another rehabber for the best possible care, your donation goes with that animal as well. Thank you for your help!]

Cornell Wildlife Center tries to fix what we can’t.

I also will not relocate any nuisance animal this time of year. They have babies. They will not be a cool pet and will most likely die if you keep them.

I just had an experience yesterday of someone that wasn’t licensed, trained [or] experienced that took in 2 baby foxes that could have mange, distemper or rabies because I didn’t answer my phone while I was eating Easter Dinner with my kids. Be patient. Typical response time is 30 minutes. I also have a family and sometimes I need to sleep.

The rule is don’t feed, keep warm and dark. Don’t touch if possible until you talk to me. It is better for the animal and it complicates my job when you and your pets have been exposed to mange, distemper, rabies and dozens of other horrible things.

Use common sense, be patient, text me…

I’ll be retired from school and politics soon and will be here to help you and the critters.

Also remember to DONATE. We have a PayPal option on the website as well. Checks can be mailed to NY WILDLIFE RESCUE CENTER. PO BOX 410, Middleburgh, NY 12122. We also take donations of recycling returnables at Righis in Middleburgh. We also do Facebook birthday fundraising on Facebook under Northeast Llama Rescue and Barnyard Sanctuary. (Aka NY WILDLIFE RESCUE CENTER.) We also respectfully do “in lieu of flowers” for those that loved what we do in life…. We have a Facebook page to follow what we are working on. NEW YORK WILDLIFE RESCUE CENTER. Another rehabber stole a shorter [version of our name] a few years ago… make sure you donate to us.

Happy Spring. SHARE THIS POST [on your Facebook/Social Media profiles]

–Posted April 10th, 2023


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