Happenings at NYWRC, Week of July 2nd – 8th

Although "baby season" has slowed down a bit, we're still busy around the clock at NY Wildlife Rescue. The cottontails are still breeding, as well as a few of our other more prolific species. Older babies are venturing out and getting into trouble. Adults and old-timers run into difficulties and wind up in our care. Then there are the turtles -- we are seeing more turtles this year than ever before. Please, drivers, give turtles a brake! They can't scurry out of your way like a squirrel, after all.

May 28th Patients of the Day

On Sunday the 28th, we had another little English Sparrow arrive from Albany, and from Rotterdam, 7 baby Cottontail Rabbits. Although this was a unique situation, and these babies did require rescuing, rabbits are one of the species that are often "rescued" unnecessarily.