June’s First Patient of the Day

This adorable baby Wood Duck was found in Delaware County, and brought by a caring rescuer to New York Wildlife Rescue Center today. The person had searched for the mother and the rest of the brood to no avail, and finally ascertained that the baby truly did need help.

The little Wood Duck is one of our continent’s most beautiful water fowl. Adult males are a beautiful shiny green on their elegantly crested heads, with rich brown patches on the sides of their chests. They have lovely white markings that set off their color patterns in a most striking way.

Wood Ducks nest in cavities, unlike many other water fowl species, and are one of the few ducks that can actually perch on branches.

Wood Ducklings are born in cavity nests, in tree hollows or even manufactured nest boxes,  with 6 – 16 eggs to a clutch. Parents will often raise two broods in a year. The ducklings hatch in 28 – 37 days and will stay with their parents for as long as 70 days.

You can learn more about the Wood Duck on Cornell’s All About Birds website.



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