The 30th of May, a Busy Day!

We at New York Wildlife Rescue have a few special thank-yous to express today, for help received from our volunteers in the past few days!

To our newest licensed rehabbers, Tyler Schmidt, Hannah Laraway, and Sarah Moffatt, thank you for all your help with the new babies, and especially that baby fawn!

To Justin Miller, who has worked hard getting our pigeon aviary up to our standards, you rock! The birds love you (and so do the humans).

To Barry Davidson of Davidson Falconry, thank you so much for the great new falcon travel box. It’s perfect for our needs!

A few notes directly from Wes, regarding the above (and the photo slideshow below):

“Thank you Barry Davidson of Davidson Falconry for donating this great traveling box for our birds of prey. From our hoods to our anklets and jesses. Our birds don’t use anything but Barry’s products. Thanks”

“Newest licensed rehabber volunteer at NYWILDLIFERESCUE.ORG working on a fawn that actually needs help. (Thank you) Sarah Moffatt.
“While I work on skunks that finally get the food in a dish make a mess fest. This is a expensive time of year for us dealing with orphan season. Reminder. We take donations. We have PayPal on website. We love gift certificates from Crewells. Tractor Supply and Kelly’s Agway in [Cobleskill]. Donations to Oneonta or Cobleskill Vet Clinic. Or snail mail a check to NY WILDLIFE RESCUE CENTER. PO BOX 410. 167 LLAMA LANE. MIDDLEBURGH. NY 12122
Thanks. We will keep the updates coming”

“I have had over 20 phone calls with kind-hearted people that have abducted fawns. I have refused to take them and have made people put them back in their hiding spots. This one is legit. Dead mother. Confirmed. Please leave baby wild animals alone unless they really need to be rescued.”

“Thank you Justin Miller for getting the pigeon Coop up to our standards at NYWILDLIFERESCUE.ORG”

“Round 2 feeding at midnight. Two more of our newly licensed volunteers. (Thank you) Hannah Laraway and Tyler Schmidt….fawn is finally eating.”

(Click thumbnails to open slideshow, then click the “x” at the top right of the slide show frame to return to this page.)


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